• To be a leader in advocating for adolescents, both individually and collectively, with regard to identifying gaps in service, shaping policy, promoting education and program development.
  • To facilitate the sharing of information related to existing services and resources.
  • To provide educational and networking opportunities for professionals.
  • To provide opportunities for adolescents to access education and community resources and to share their experiences.

Guiding Principles

APIN is committed to promoting the health and wellness of young people who are pregnant or parenting by subscribing to the following principles:

  1. Prevention – APIN believes that young people have the right to access information, education and resources on sexual-health issues, including prevention and unintended pregnancy options.
  2. Options – APIN believes that young people have the right to non-judgemental information and counselling regarding abortion, adoption and parenting in order to make informed choices for themselves.
  3. Decision-making – APIN believes in empowering and supporting young people in their decision-making regarding pregnancies and parenting.
  4. Supports – APIN recognizes that young parents face many complex issues. APIN believes that by connecting service providers through networking and educational opportunities, services to young parents will be enhanced.
  5. Belief – APIN believes that young people have the potential to be good parents.