Who is APIN?

The Adolescent Parent Interagency Network (APIN) is a group of agencies, individuals, and professionals in Manitoba who collaborate with the goal of supporting best practice for services provided  to teens who are pregnant and teens who have children, whether or not they are primary caregivers. APIN is committed to promoting the health and wellness of young people and their families by subscribing to shared objectives and guiding principles.  APIN activities and events are coordinated by a volunteer steering committee of 10 to 16 members from diverse professional settings.

Connect to APIN

Join the APIN network to receive emails about training, events, resources and service delivery to support your work with adolescents who are pregnant or parenting. Connect with other service providers from social services, healthcare, policy development, education, mentoring, counseling and childcare.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee members are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings, support APIN events and bring forward relevant advocacy issues to the committee for discussion. Participation on the steering committee is open to individuals or representatives of agencies or groups who agree with APIN’s guiding principles. A minimum two-year commitment to the steering committee is encouraged.

The Executive group consists of the Steering Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Past Chair and a representative of the Healthy Child Manitoba Office (APIN Funder). The Executive responds to operational and funding issues related to the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee member – minimum two year commitment
Chair – two years
Vice Chair – two years (not an automatic move-up position)
Treasurer – indefinite
All terms are reviewed and confirmed annually.

APIN contracts a Coordinator to facilitate administrative tasks. The Coordinator reports to the Executive for direction and feedback.