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ANCR’s Early Intervention Program: EIA
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Manitoba 211
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Manitoba 211 is a searchable online database of government, health, and social services that are available across the province.

CFS-ANCR Early Intervention Program

About the Office of the Children’s Advocate

Webinar Announcement

New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults and Families is pleased to announce the launch of its Making Sense of Trauma: Practical Tools for Responding to Children and Youth  Webinar!

The Webinar is based on the Making Sense of Trauma: Practical Tools for Responding to Children and Youth workshop that has been delivered 45 times to over 1,900 people working with children and youth. It was out of a desire to make the information even more accessible that the Webinar was created.

Just like workshop, this Webinar provides an understanding of how and why children respond to trauma the way that they do and why we often see particular patterns of behaviour. In the Webinar you will learn how to use a trauma-informed perspective to better understand the relational, neurobiological and developmental impact of trauma on children, youth and their caregivers.

The Webinar is structured into 12 Lessons with quiz questions after every slide that once completed enable you to print a certificate of completion.

There is also a written Guide to the Webinar which you can download that includes the script for the Webinar and additional information.

The Webinar provides tools and ideas of ways to intervene to help anyone working with children and youth.  This includes written resources which can be printed, saved or distributed.

There is no cost to the webinar.  Please pass on this email or the link to anyone you think might be interested.

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Teen Clinics in Manitoba
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Safe Schools

Safe Schools (by Manitoba Justice & the Winnipeg Police Service, in partnership with the Lighthouse Initiative Program) – contact for copy of PowerPoint presentation.

Better Fathering contact information

Contact information:

Tel: 204-782-7987

Parenting programs – summary table
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Better Fathers Inc.
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Citizens’ Bridge
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Healthy Baby
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SEED Winnipeg
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Parent Capacity Assessment Fact Sheet
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Manitoba Adolescent Inventory of Education-Based Programs
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Healthy Baby Program
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The Healthy Baby program supports pregnant women, new parents and their babies.

Healthy Child Manitoba
3rd floor, 332 Bannatyne Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3A 0E2
Telephone: (204) 945-2266
Toll-free: 1-888-848-0140

Parenting On Your Own
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This guide advises parents of their rights and lists some of the services and supports available in the community. Because services sometimes change, it is advisable to call and verify the hours, fees, services and accessibility of listed resources.

Triple P: Positive Parenting Program
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The Positive Parenting Program is an effective, practical approach to raising children that emphasizes the positive. Triple P is based on strong nurturing relationships, good communication and positive attention to help children develop. It involves creating a family environment that is loving, supportive and predictable.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
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Please visit

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A new program has arrived in Manitoba focusing on reducing women’s risk of having an alcohol exposed pregnancy. We are the first province in Canada to roll out this FASD prevention strategy!

Toolkit for Educators and Service Providers
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Available at

For more information about the Toolkit or the Teen Talk Program :
Phone: (204) 784-4010 Fax: (204) 784-4204 E-mail:

Canadian Mental Health Association
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ANCR’s Early Intervention Program: CFS
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Your Choice For Your Reasons
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“Your Choice For Your Reasons” is a pregnancy options resource package for teens and service providers. It was produced by Healthy Child Manitoba in partnership with the Adolescent Parent Interagency Network (APIN) and with assistance from a number of community organizations. The resource package includes a video, service provider handbook and a brochure. The video is intended to help Manitoba teenagers who are faced with a pregnancy explore the options available to them, including parenting, adoption and abortion.

It is hoped this resource package will be a useful and effective tool for service providers working with adolescents who are faced with the hard decision of determining which pregnancy option is best. The “Your Choice For Your Reasons” resource package can be ordered through Healthy Child Manitoba or you can download a copy from the link above.

Resources For Childbirth Preparation
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Community Resources for Childbirth and Postpartum Support

Custom CONTACT Published Guides
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Custom CONTACT Published Guides can be ordered through ‘Community Resources’ at or you can call 204.477.5180 or toll free: 888.922.4545 FREE.