Who is APIN?


The Adolescent Parent Interagency Network (APIN) is a group of agencies, individuals, and professionals in Manitoba who collaborate with the goal of supporting best practice for services provided  to teens who are pregnant and teens who have children, whether or not they are primary caregivers.

Who is APIN?


APIN holds a yearly conference, several Lunch & Learn sessions as well as a yearly Adolescent Parent Day.

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Teen & Professional Resources

APIN has gathered together a comprehensive list of resources that are available to professionals as well as to teens.

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Adolescent Parent Interagency Network

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Adolescent Parent Interagency Network (A.P.I.N.) is asking for individual service providers to participate in the following survey.  This survey is to create awareness and strengthen A.P.I.N.  by reaching service providers supporting adolescent parents throughout Manitoba.  Please share with your networks and any service provider you feel would be interested. This survey will be available from March 1, 2017 to June 1, 2017. 

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